Student Application

Thank you for your interest in the Saratoga Springs Sponsor-A-Scholar Program. To be eligible for our program, students must meet these basic requirements:

  • reside and attend school in the Saratoga City School District, Saratoga Springs, New York
  • be a current freshman or sophomore student
  • Using the information provided, do you meet our income guidelines for households earning less than:
  • maintain grade average of 80 or above


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Parent/Guardian Authorization

Your child has been nominated for the Saratoga Sponsor-A-Scholar program, which provides up to a $10,000 sponsorship for college and mentoring beginning in tenth grade through freshmen year in college, and academic support and enrichment activities in the Saratoga Springs School District. If you are interested in having your child considered for this program, please respond to the questions below and return this form to the person who gave it to you. Your annual income must adhere to the free or reduced lunch guidelines.


SSAS provides volunteer community mentors for each of its scholars. A mentor is an adult who, along with parents, teachers, coaches, counselors and other caring adults, provides an SSAS scholar with support, counsel, friendship and a constructive example. Students are required to meet with mentors at least once a month. Mentors go through a standard background check processed by Commercial Investigations, LLC.
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Saratoga Springs High School Sponsor-A-Scholar

As part of the SSAS program, students’ grades are reviewed quarterly by our Board of Directors to review their progress and often times, students’ images are used for brochures and other media sources in order to promote the program. We also have students attend mandatory college visits, cultural events, shows, presentations, etc. throughout the school year.
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