SSAS Mentors make a dramatic difference in the achievements of our students.

Just Be You!

SSAS brings ten new high school sophomores into our program each year. Each student is assigned to a mentor. The mentor is not intended to be another parent or a teacher – but an adult with whom the student can spend time and feel comfortable and supported. Often, the role of the mentor is simply to offer a stable, responsible, and dependable presence.

Time Commitment

We ask that our mentors meet with their students once a month. That meeting could be a quick coffee, a hike, cooking a meal together, seeing a movie, or volunteering at a community event. There is no magic recipe. Every individual is unique, and every mentor/mentee match is unique. Establishing a trusting friendship is the foundation. Then, just do whatever you enjoy doing together!

We realize that some months are busier than others, and in those months, we ask that you be in contact through text or phone. Sometimes, just listening and being a sounding board can be very valuable. Some mentors see their students more often than once per month, depending on schedules, needs and availability. Every situation is different. You will find the right balance.

Mentors serve as a valuable “bridge” between the student and the SSAS program. A successful one-to-one mentor/mentee relationship fosters the development of a special relationship built on trust.

We Support You

We provide support and guidance to our mentors, including an orientation, an annual meeting, and email and phone contact as necessary. Our Mentor Manual is a written guide that can be easily downloaded. Mentors present and past are often great resources and willing to share their perspectives. Throughout the year, we hold a variety of group events to form a sense of community and share experiences.

We are a team. Our Mentorship Coordinator is passionate about the mentorship program and is committed to creating and nurturing strong and mutually beneficial mentor/mentee matches. She is very accessible and responsive to any questions that might arise. Everyone involved in SSAS is dedicated to the mission and available to support all of our mentors and mentees.

We ask that mentors remain their mentors through their sophomore, junior, and senior years of high school and maintain contact with their mentees during their first year at college.

What Our Mentors Are Saying

Michele Funicielo
Mentorship Coordinator & Former Mentor

“I loved being a mentor! This program opens doors to opportunities, new experiences, and financial assistance that can make a huge difference in a child’s future.”

Dave Torres
Mentor Since 2014

“I am grateful for the chance to positively impact the lives of the kids I mentor. This program is rewarding on so many levels – for both the mentor and the mentee. My role as a mentor with the Saratoga Springs Sponsor A Scholar Program has absolutely enriched my life!”