Dave Torres is a familiar face around town – and Saratoga Springs City Schools.  For 28 years, Torres was the district’s Attendance Officer, interacting daily with students, teachers, and parents.  He was also an award-winning high school ice hockey coach, leading the Saratoga Streaks to championship seasons.  Dave Torres loves encouraging young people to achieve their goals – on the ice, in the classroom, and on the golf course!

 When he was asked in 2014 to consider becoming a mentor, he felt like he would be a good fit. “Young people need a caring adult in their lives – someone to encourage them to try different things, to help guide and advocate for them.”  Torres values his time as a mentor and has had three mentees since he joined the program eight years ago. He remembers when his first mentee walked across the stage to receive his diploma.  “It was such a rewarding feeling to play a part in his success.  But – he was the one to make it happen. He was the one to take the steps needed to go away to college. I was there to help guide him.” 

 Torres is an enthusiastic cheerleader for anyone considering applying to become a mentor.

 “For me, the opportunity to engage in one-to-one conversations and allow my mentees to see a side of myself outside of the school building has created trusting and mutually respectful relationships. From assisting my mentees with the college application process to going out for dinner, and playing rounds of golf, I am grateful for the chance to positively impact the lives of the kids I mentor.  This program is rewarding on so many levels – for both the mentor and the mentee.  My role as a mentor with the Saratoga Springs Sponsor A Scholar Progam has absolutely enriched my life!”